Subtle adjustment : lurid vision

Everything evolves.

KB Design was born without effort when I was working in Brisbane for the Qld Government marketing branch. Friends and family were constantly asking for design work which promted me to obtain an ABN and give my design services a name... it came from my first ever email address orignated from my initials and what I love to do: KB Design! - now extinct, transformed to, to the current So it was my inspiration from my email address which named my business!

Ever since then nearly 20 years my service, skills and talent have continued to put the spark of an idea into production on so many levels. Throughout this time my brand has evolved ever so discreetly, and today another subtle modification.

See if you can pick the latest evolution in the KB Design logo.

Now... is it time to rethink your current brand, do you feel it's time for a revamp - lurid or subtle? Is your business going to the next level, or adapting it's mission or vision? KB Design will analyse your existing brand and can provide options for a refresh that reflects your business evolution.

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